Remo Falam Slam 2.5″ Bass Drum Patch x2 Piece Pack

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Remo Falam Slam patch damper pads. Falam Slam damper pads stick onto your bass drum at the point where the bass drum pedal beater hits the drum to reduce the bass drum overtones and boom. The Remo Falam Slam patch pad is made of Kevlar fabric and Mylar. These are combined into a woven fabric laminate. From this FAbric LAMinate comes the name FALAM. The Remo Falam Slam patches reduce the bass drum overtones and boom. The bass drum sound is punchier, sharper and much better defined. In addition, the pads greatly extend the life of your bass drum head. Favoured by recording studios and great recording drummers, the Remo Falam Slam patch pads are easy to apply. Just peel off the adhesive back and stick firmly on your bass drum head where the beater comes in contact. The drum sound difference is immediate. The Remo Falam Slam 2 piece patch pad pack allows one pad for each bass drum in a double bass drum setup.

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