LP Piccolo Jam Block – LP1204

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LP is pleased to announce the introduction of a new Jam Blocks. Call this one the “treble” voice of our Jam Block “choir”!

The new Jam Block joins the existing blue high-pitched Jam Block and our red medium-pitch Jam Block. These are popular percussive add-ons that simulate a range of woodblock effects-without the worry of hairline cracks and chipping so common in old wood blocks. Crafted of Jenigor, LP’s exclusive plastic formulation, these blocks can be played quietly with rods or mallets, or hard with sticks and they will not crack or splinter. They are modern versions of age-old favourites.

The new LP Piccolo Jam Block takes its place as the highest pitch in our series of four blocks. It emits a bright, almost “tuned” tone in the upper register and will be popular in orchestras, marching bands, and in percussion/drum setups. From orchestral to film scoring to Latin and rock, the new Piccolo Jam Block is a new, must-have voice. It will withstand blows from the heaviest players yet respond if barely whisked. A heavy duty mounting bracket and LP eye-bolt assembly for mounting is standard.

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